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Foundation repairs

Your foundation is leaking, has cracks? Many homeowners face the inconveniences caused by water seepage in the foundation.

Our experts know that it is useless to try anything to make your basement waterproof without first repairing the foundation. Give us a call and our team of specialists will evaluate with you the best approach to make an effective, lasting and permanent repair.


A number of things can be involved and some causes are related to the climate and wear and tear. Concrete’s elasticity is very limited, but it nevertheless reacts with natural phenomena such as water, humidity and temperature that can cause small cracks that often are insignificant. However, the evolution of these cracks needs to be monitored, and they should be repaired before they can cause costly damage, especially if your foundation is not protected by an effective waterproof coating.

A Phenomenon With Multiple Causes

How are cracks detected?

Besides those cracks that can be seen with the naked eye, several clues can indicate their presence, in which case your house is no longer perfectly protected from infiltration of water from outside. When detected, these indications require quick intervention to avoid the development of major and costly problems. Here are some of the most commonly observed indications:

If you observe one of these indications or more, there is reason to believe that your foundation is cracked and/or that it no longer has optimum waterproofing.

Polyurethane Injection Crack Repair

This type of repair is usually done from inside the house, without excavating.

Once detected, the crack is enlarged using a jackhammer. We then inject a flexible elastomeric product, epoxy, or a water-reacting polyurethane.

Crack Repair Using an Outer Membrane

The installation of a sealing membrane adds optimum protection to your foundation, especially during the spring thaw period, as well as in areas prone to seasonal flooding. This membrane and the presence of a functional French drain ensure that your foundation becomes waterproof.

Crack Repair Using Reinforcing Plates

We use a high-power adhesive product to clog larger cracks. We then add steel reinforcement that stabilizes and supports your house’s structure. This proven method stops the lateral and shear movements caused by freezing and thawing. We use this technique when cracks more than an eighth of an inch thick.


Poor quality or aging of concrete that causes small cracks are not the only culprits. Your foundation may require waterproofing work if it is subjected to hydrostatic pressure or if your property is built below the water table level.

Waterproofing is required when water and moisture in the soil penetrates into your basement, causing the formation of mold, fungi and unpleasant odors.

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